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Here are links to some recommended resources.

iContact is the email service we use and wholeheartedly recommend.
The reason you use an email service rather than simply sending out emails via Outlook or your chosen email program, is because when you send out a mass email it is generally seen as spam. But these types of email services have agreements with the major companies that allows emails sent from their servers to be "whitelisted," that is tagged as not being spam.

Also, when you use such an email service, it is easy to build forms people can use to sign up via your website automatically, as well as unsubscribing when they no longer want to receive your emails. This protects you from getting in trouble for sending spam, which can now include significant fines.

The best thing about these email services is something called "autoresponders" which allows you to write and pre-program a series of emails sent out at whatever interval you determine, to those who sign up on your list. This is a very powerful marketing tool that all businesses should be using regularly to build customer loyalty and trust.

Netfirms is the hosting company we have used for years both for hosting our many websites and purchasing domains. It allows for easy setup of blogs on your domain and has some great business hosting options.

Personal Goal Setting and Life Planning
A free goal setting worksheet download and information on the Release goal setting system.

The Google Keyword Tool
Yes, a link to the amazing, free keyword research tool! Caution: It can be a bit addictive to marketing types, so be careful.

The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

The Internet Movie Database
Movie plot summaries, actors biographies. This is the site to check out when you are considering a new movie. Look for its rating /10, read a few reviews, and make an informed decision to see it or not.
Very useful online thesaurus with hyperlinks to synonyms and antonyms that makes it easy to find just the right word. Far faster and way better than the old paperback thesaurus on your bookshelf.

HTML Code Tutorial
Free reference guide that helps with most common HTML tags used in websites. A good place to start if you want to learn how to tweak your own site.

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