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Kelowna Internet Marketing: Small Business Marketing Strategy
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As you can see, "Our strategy is to use simple but effective websites as a springboard to local market dominance."

This marketing strategy has three key facets:

1. Web-Centric Marketing
The first is what we call "web-centric marketing." This involves making your website the hub of your small business marketing plan versus slapping up a site- even an expensive site- as an afterthought, or because you heard it's the thing to do.

In 2010 and beyond, effective marketing will start with simple, clear, functional websites and use a wide variety of means to draw people to that website and onto an email list. Yes, this is true even if you make your sales in a physical location and do little or no selling online. Make your website the hub!

2. Websites That Sell
A second facet of our internet marketing strategy is the development of websites that "sell." In this context, we are using the word "sell" to mean getting people to take the action you desire such as phoning you or visiting your physical location. You should definitely give them something of value in exchange for their contact information and permission for you to contact them via phone or email. You may want then to listen an audio or watch a video you've made which in turn moves them to take yet another action down the path towards becoming a fully satisfied customer.

Regardless of the specific action you desire your website visitors to take, it must be readily apparent to them that you can help them, how you can help them, and why they should trust you with their business.

3. Quality Traffic
The third facet of our small business marketing strategy is generating quality traffic for your website. How many "hits" did your website get last month? Who cares! In the internet marketing world "hits" is defined as "How Idiots Track Success." Traffic means nothing if those visiting your site are the wrong kinds of people.

We once worked with a company that sent hundreds of visitors to one of our business websites- but they only stayed on the site for an average of 4 seconds each! If you had a store in a mall, how happy would you be if hundreds of people walked by every day, glanced in the window, but never stepped inside? Like those hundreds of "visitors" to our site, that's meaningless traffic. Fortunately, internet marketing allows for effective targeting and tracking of your website visitors.

Want to Know More?

Check out our Tactics page to see some of the specific things we do to make this strategy work. If you haven't already done so, enter your name and email at the bottom of our Home page to discover the "Four Fixes" most business websites desperately need to make.

Finally, please Contact Us when you are ready to become a force in your local market. We can only fully engage** with a single business of each type in a given area, and it's first come first serve, so give us a call today!

**Certain marketing initiatives undertaken for one company preclude us from using the same tactics for another, as we would be competing directly against ourselves, at our clients' expense.

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