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Hello and welcome to an overview of our organic website promotion system. It’s not merely SEO, it’s "SEO on steroids."

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When we refer to “organic website promotion” we are referring to the left hand side of Google rather than the right hand paid search side.

The video above shows you a couple simple case studies highlighting some of our results. We have had up to six out of the first ten listings on the first page of Google for a keyword phrase.

Our SEO Process Consists of:

Keyword Selection
This is absolutely critical for search marketing. Unlike PPC where you can bid on thousands of keywords, SEO requires that you go after a few. I suggest starting with a bit longer tail phrase that has less competition but includes the very competitive phrase you want to one day rank for. For instance, in the one case study, rather than simply going after the keyword phrase “team building” or even “Vancouver team building” we opted to first target “Vancouver Team Building Speaker” which is easier to rank for and as you can see includes those other phrases.

Optimizing the Landing Page
The landing page is the page you want people to rank and which you want people to end up on when they click your listing. It is often the home page of your site but is not necessarily the case. The site in the case study that targets “Vancouver Team Building Speaker” also has pages targeting other locations.

Optimizing your page includes having the keyword appear in the title and description tags, content on the page that is relevant to that keyword, and internal links in your site using anchor text containing the keyword.

Standard Offsite SEO and Link Building
The vast majority of SEO is about links from other websites that point to your page, using the desired anchor text or some variation of it. We use dozens of different ways to get links to our client sites that result in long term rankings.

Supplementary Web Properties
We’re not content with just one spot on the first page of Google. We want to have more spots to make it more likely people will end up on our site and of course to push our competitors off the first page and make it less likely that someone will click on them.

Depending on the level of competition for the target keyword, this can be more or less difficult, but the added bonus of these extra websites is that they provide strong relevant links to your primary page, helping it to rank well.

Go After More Keywords
Once you are ranking for the target keyword phrase you can go after related keywords, more competitive keywords, and end up showing up on the first page of Google for a wide variety of searches. This will boost your traffic and ultimately your profits.

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