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These videos are designed to educate you on some basic aspects of internet marketing.
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Understanding Internet Marketing - 2:32 -

Internet marketing can be confusing: PPC, SEO, social media, html, email marketing, meta tags, analytics, blogs, search, content- it’s only going to get worse!

But, if you understand a very simple framework I'm going to give you, it will help you categorize and evaluate present and future internet marketing developments more easily.

Despite all the acronyms and complex technologies tied to internet marketing, there are two very simple boxes it all fits into.

The first box is “traffic.” Traffic refers to people coming to your website, and the traffic side of internet marketing includes all the various means you use to drive traffic to that website. A well optimized website will show up in the search engines for the appropriate keywords and people will find your site. PPC or pay per click advertising allows you to bid on relevant keywords and when people search your ads will show up in the "sponsored links" section of the search results, and people will click through to your site. Email lists, social media such as YouTube or LinkedIn, as well as traditional marketing tools like business cards or even billboards, with your web address prominently displayed, can all be used to drive traffic and get people to your website.

The second box, the other side of internet marketing is “conversion.” I’m not talking here about a spiritual experience, though if you have a religious website that might in fact be your goal! By conversion I mean getting people to take a desired action on your website. Maybe you want them to buy something right now; perhaps you are using the website to encourage them to visit your retail location; ideally, no matter what else you do, you use the website to get their email address so you can contact them in the future, whether or not they ever come back to your website.

Now, if you have Quality Traffic, which means that those who come to your website are likely candidates to purchase your product or service, and if you have Consistent Conversions, that is, a significant number of people who come to your website take the desired action and ultimately become paying customers or clients, you will be successful in internet marketing.

Yes, this is a simplified framework. But whenever you hear about something new in the world of internet marketing, figure out which category it fits into- traffic, conversion, in some cases both- and you will be on your way to understanding and using the new tools effectively to build your business and profits.

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