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An important marketing message for accountants, photographers, lawyers, law firms, chiropractors and dentists:

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1. You Need Effective Online Marketing
I know from my research that you are among the professions which most seek marketing help. This is because you are in fairly competitive local markets- in some locations extremely competitive- and also because you understand the importance and value of marketing more than most other professions.

You are also among the professions most commonly searched for online. In fact, it's likely that more people look for you through Google than through any other means, including the Yellow Pages. Think about that for a second: Do your marketing efforts reflect this fact?

2. Your Competitors Don't Get It
Most professionals and small business are marketing online like it's 2005. Maybe you're among them. But it's not your fault.

Most web designers are not experts in internet marketing, yet most professionals rely on the web designer to give them online marketing advice. Even many web marketing companies are behind the curve. They have so many high-paying clients that there is no need to keep up with the latest trends. And in the online marketing world, what worked six months ago might not work today.

Because your competitors are generally content to throw up a webpage and then throw a few dollars at a web designer/web marketer to "do something," they are susceptible to being overtaken by anyone in their local market who decides to implement a focused local internet marketing plan.
That someone could be you.

3. You Can Win Online-Fast!
Our sister company, is a PPC (pay per click) marketing company. PPC is one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your website, and we have used it very effectively in a wide variety of markets. But when it comes to local marketing, PPC is only one of our many tactics.

You see, local online marketing is different than other types of internet marketing. Many online marketing strategies are finely tuned to reach national or international markets. But most small businesses are interested in their local market. A local strategy is needed to reach that market.

Kelowna Internet Marketing is a local internet marketing company. And while we certainly apply our local marketing strategies in our local market- both for ourselves and our clients- our tactics work in any local market. We'd sure like to use them in yours!

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