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These videos are designed to educate you on some basic aspects of internet marketing.
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Four Questions for Your Website - 01:48 -

Here are four quick questions to ask about your website, which have a bearing on its marketing effectiveness.

1) Are your keywords in your title and description tags? These are among the most important factors for how your website shows up in the search engine results. If you don’t know how to check, get your web designer to check. Just make sure these words are your best keywords, the ones you are targeting. (See the “Keyword Research” video for more on this.)

2) Are you getting the email addresses of your visitors? This can dramatically increase the ROI for your online marketing efforts. It allows you to follow up with people even if they don’t come back to your website.

3) Do you have analytics installed on your website? Google Analytics is free and allows you to see where people came from and how long they stay on your site. The data helps you improve your site and focus the way you communicate with your customers.

4) Does your site talk about you, or your prospective clients? A simple test is to look at your home page and analyze the pronouns: What is the ratio of we/I/me vs us, you, your? The website needs to be about THEM not you.

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