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How to Get Traffic to Your Website - 03:27 -

How do you get traffic to your website?

Traffic is half of the internet marketing challenge, so itís quite important to figure out how to make it happen. Here are 21 ideas, some of which will work for you:

1) Optimize your site so it shows up in Google for the right keywords
2) Use PPC to get fast, relevant traffic
3) Put your website address and tagline in your email signature
4) Upload videos that display your url to video sites
5) Participate in forums frequented by your ideal clients
6) Use online and offline classified ads such as Craigslist or your local newspaper
7) Tattoo your url on your forehead
8) Submit articles to article directories
9) Put your url on a billboard
10) Distribute flyers with your url to your target audience
11) Do a radio or TV ad
12) Make your website address prominent on your business card
13) Get on Oprah
14) Issue press releases
15) Get links to your website from other relevant websites
16) Have your url on the rear windshield of your vehicle
17) Paint your url on a prominent local landmark
18) Write a blog related to your business that links back to your main site
19) Build relationships via social media and have your web address in your profile
20) Make sure your url is easy to spell and remember
21) Have Bono mention your website at a concert

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