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Keyword Research - 03:38 -

Behind almost every effective internet marketing strategy lies keyword research.

Keyword research is about discovering and using the keywords your ideal prospective customers are using to look for your products and services.

Once you find those keywords, you use them to optimize your website, build links, and in PPC. You use them in your blog posts, video titles and on your social media sites.

How do you find those keywords? Well, you start with the free Google Keyword tool and your best guess. For instance, if you are a project management consultant, you would type in “project management consultant” and see the results that came back.

When the results come back you can see where there is the greatest number of searches, related keywords to research further, and the relative levels of competition. You can continue adding variations to find many keywords.

You then need to decide which keywords to use to optimize your site- ideally very relevant keywords with moderate competition, but which also contain the most relevant, highest traffic keywords. Use these keywords for video uploads, link building and any social media involvement. You can also use paid keyword research tools. PPC is also a great method to find the best, currently searched keywords.

Please call on us if you would like some help with your keyword research or any aspect of your small business marketing.

PS: Be sure to use your location as a part of your keyword phrases if you are marketing to your local market.

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